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Iceland is a wonderful place and a country with about 350k welcomes tourists many fold over. Iceland has special place for photography and photographers. In summer months you see the exotic waterfalls, Diamond Beach, the glaciers, sulphur springs, volcanic rocks, horses and sheep and in winter months you can view Northern Lights, snow, ice and natural landscape beauty drapped in white. photographyWhether you use a smartphone or a DSLR, trying to capture the settings and the view as presented ia part of the trip.

We undertook a trip and found that most places were very well published like Kirkjufell. There, indeed, is a lot of landscape that can be discovered on a particular day (because light is a natural variable which makes the same scene different). Did you know that Trolls are very popular in Iceland. If you go to the local store, you will find it every where.Ice-Cave-on-Katla-Glacier-Iceland

I am proud that I used my Sony A7m3 and created abundant videos as well as over 5000 photos. I was successful in recording occurence of Northern Lights, as well! I am a former user of Canon DSLR and Panasonic GH cameras and can relate to the extra effort that would be required to capture Northern Lights (you know, I am talking in relative terms).

In my view, Akureyri and surrounding areas are more beautiful in terms of landscape though Grundarfjörður presents grand setting of Mt. Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. Northern Lights is a special phenomenon that you can wish to see and one must see in lifetime.

Most visitors take a lot of photos and videos. There are cellphone users and there are folks with tripod mounted cameras. In general, photography is the common aspect amongst the tourists.

In my view, for photography, the best landscape gear that you can carry should make you happy and would perhaps deliver. I am not a professional photographer but have used DSLRs for a long-long time. Anything like a 14mm lens on the full frame camera or equivalent would do good.

Weather can be a factor so it is best if you come prepared with a rain coat for self and the equipment. Because it tends to be windy (more than Chicago), ponchos or capes may not work. Light is generally good because of high clouds.

My choice of Sony A7 III worked well because of the in-body image stabilization plus it worked for stills and video, both. For most, I did not use a tripod though I had a fiberglass tripod. My choice of lens was Zeiss Batis 25mm f2. It was wide enough for most situations and fast for video.

As a backup, I had Sony RX100 and Canon M50. Weight management with an assortment of lenses has always been an issue but I was content with a couple of lenses with each camera and RX100.

Samsung S10 plus also came in handy with its PRO features. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod, when attached to a Sony A7 or Canon M50 provides extension and stability. A phone adapter on top makes ideal for taking videos with the phone.

It was a fun and challenge trip where we went trekking on the glacier. In the beautiful country like Iceland, your vacation would always feel like short. We had a trip of 10 days and we felt that we need another trip for about 4 to 5 days.

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