Movies Awesome

Movies Awesome

We present in this list a random few best movies which are excellent entertainment. The list is not exhaustive film entertainment but is a fair selection without any particular order. The movies listed are awesome and are across genres. The time span of these movies and the year of making have no relevance. The makers of these movies and the cast have done excellent work. Not all may have won awards or hit it equally well at the box office but the overall entertainment factor in these movies has been the factor in selecting them, here and these are indeed timeless movies!

Roman Holiday
Starring Gregory Peck
Audrey Hepburn

Princess during the official trip of Rome, takes french leave and discovers the best. An American journalist finds a well dressed young lady sleeping in the street hesitantly brings her home. Made in 1953, is still an excellent romantic comedy!

The Ten Commandments

Starring Charlton Heston
Yul Brynner

Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses I, after learning about prophesy orders killing of all Hebrew newborn males. Yochabel places her newborn son in a basket and sets him adrift in river Nile. He survives and grows to be Moses. It is a wonderful presentation of a long movie and worth watching even today!

The Godfather
Starring Marlon Brando
Al Pacino

Vito Corleone is the head of a New York crime family. The interactions between five crime families with similar heritage sets the movie drama as breathtaking. The roles played are exceptional. This is worth watching or repeat watching.

Star Wars: A New Hope
Starring Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford

There is civil war in the Galaxy. Rebels led Princess Leia plan to capture a Moon sized space station but is captured by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Leia hides the plans in droid R2-D2 who flees to a planet Tatooine. Droid is caputed and sold … It is a wonderful presentation of science fiction. Worth watching …


Starring Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix

Movie is set in 180 AD. A Roman General Maximus plans to return to his family in Spain after victory in war with Germanic tribes. Emperor Marcus Aurelius wants Maximus to suceed him to ensure that Rome is free of corruption. Commodus, son of the Emperor kills him and pronounces himself as the Emperor. The new Emperor seeks the allegiance from the General who declines. Maximus’s execution is ordered. He escapes, is injured, is capured by slave trader, sold to a gladiator trainer … The movie is spectalular and worth watching, even re-watching …

The Matrix
Starring Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne

Trinity is cornered by police but with her skills she overpowers them to escapes. There are agents dressed in black and have superpowers. Anderson who is hacker is inducted as Neo by Morpheus to save the humans from being overpowered by machines… A science-fiction very well presented – worth watching and re-watching.


Starring Sam Worthington
Zoe Saldana

The movie is set in 2154 when Earth has severe energy crisis. A planet Pandora has Unobtanium, a mineral that is required. There is life form on planet Pandora. The efforts of RDA to extract mineral and sub plot of Jake, former US Marine falling in love with a local Neytiri is very well presented. It is an excellent presentation of CGI, as well. Worth watching and re-watching.