Chicken Salad Paleo

Salad Chicken Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups romaine lettuce
3 tablespoon cilantro chopped
300 grams of baked or grilled chicken, chopped
Half a cup of black
Half a cup of corn
2 tablespoons of salsa
2 tablespoons of shredded cheese
Half a cup of tortilla strips

Gently toss/mix the ingredients in a bowl.

Top it with Southwestern Ranch Dressing and mix.

You have created at home, a perfect paleo/keto salad.


You know the ingredients and the quality. You know that you have washed the ingredients as needed. Besides, you have saved a few bucks!

The biggest moral is that preparing healthy food can be easy and simple.

Chicken Salad Paeo
Chicken Salad Paleo

We have to be fussy about the source of protein. I have used a number of products and I am convinced that Orgain works best for me:

Dry Hair Care

Water impurities such as salt, chlorine cause the hair to be in parched condition. Swimming pools need chlorine as additive as to keep it free of bacteria and as such every trip to the swimming pool is a potential disaster zone for the hair. Excessive use of shampoo adds to the dryness. Split ends of the hair are sign of dryness.

dry-hair-care courtesy photo by ayo-ogunseinde-Yd9tGOc8Gi0-unsplash

Try the following for hair care and to overcome the dry hair. Most of the hair care remedies suggested are simple to blend and apply:


  1. use mild shampoo – sulfate free
  2. use less shampoo
  3. wash less frequently
  4. nourish hair with blended paste/puree of 1/2 banana + 1/2 avocado + 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil- over-ripe, even would work – keep the puree in your hair for 20 minutes – wash in the kitchen sinkDry Hair Caredry hair remedies
  5. egg yolk of 3 to 4 eggs – applied and kept for 30 minutes before wash
  6. two tablespoons of yogurt + 1 teaspoon of almond oil + 1 teaspoon of olive oil – blend them and apply- keep it for 45- 60 minutes before wash
  7. mayonnaise works excellent to cure dry hair – leave it in the hair for upto an hour and then wash
  8. every four weeks cut or snip the split ends
  9. avoid use of heat on the hair – to straighten use a moist wrap under and over – for curls, just add a weave or braids
  10. use swimming cap when in the pool or chance exposure to untreated water
  11. spray beer on the hair and dry with a towel – after drying beer does not smell – hair would look shiny
  12. when possible, wear hat or cap to protect from breeze and sun
  13. select a better conditioner.

The regularly following of these steps may benefit you. The underlying remedies are to avoid the of synthetic and chemical products and gain the benefit from known products in the home.

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Share the recipe of dry hair care to help others, please!

Cranberry Walnut bread

Homemade bread is, maybe, next best to the very best you have ever tasted any food! The aroma is so inviting that everyone gets drawn towards fresh, home-baked, bread. Cranberry-Walnut, combination, provides that tart and nutty taste that makes it irresistible when you slather with butter. Besides, it is healthy food for staying healthy! You know the ingredients! It works very well as the sandwich bread for chicken and even turkey!

It is relatively easy to make and most of the time you cannot go wrong. Healthy baking or healthy cooking was a well known virtue of the European families and it resulted in well being of the entire family. Mothers felt proud of their contribution to the heath of the family. Cranberry walnut bread is one of those forgotten traditions. It is low in sugar and fat.


Cranberry Walnut Bread

875 grams of bread flour

40 grams of sugar

11 grams of salt

28 grams of melted butter

250 grams of walnuts – coarsely chopped

200 grams of dried cranberries

16 grams of instant yeast

620 grams of water

1 gram of orange zest

Vegetable oil for greasing

In a bowl, add yeast to water and stir the mix. Set it aside for 10 minutes. Then add half of the flour (by rough estimate), butter, sugar, salt, zest and start mixing them. Add flour, gradually, and knead for 10 minutes. You may use a stand mixer, instead. Add the cranberries and the walnuts to the dough and knead them, slightly.

We need to oil a larger bowl and transfer the dough. We need to roll dough or make sure that the dough is coated with oil. Cover the bowl with a plastic bag or wet kitchen towel and leave it at room temperature. Dependant upon the effectiveness of yeast, in 50 to 70 minutes, the dough should rise to be double.

Once we find the doubled dough, it needs to be punched and set on parchment paper. Cover the dough for another 50 minutes.

In an oven, preheated to 175 C or 350 F, place the baking tray in the center and bake for about 40 minutes to get a nice, brown, bread.

Enjoy the bread! This bread can be frozen for use in a month or two. Best, indeed, is, when served fresh!!Cranberry Walnut Bread

My personal mission is to share all I know. Holiday season is coming and I would like to stress the need for staying healthy, eating healthy, cooking healthy. One of the ways is to keep the family healthy and happy is to cook or bake, when possible. I have known a great many senior executives who take cooking as a hobby or past-time and cooking or baking is a means of relaxation for them.

Southwestern Ranch Dressing Recipe

Southwestern Ranch Dressing

Recipe Ingredients:
1. One and quarter cup mayo
2. Two and a half teaspoons apple cider vinegar
3. Two teaspoons red chili powder
4. One and a half teaspoon onion powder
5. One and a half teaspoons lime juice
6. One and a quarter teaspoon cumin seeds powdered
7. One teaspoon garlic powder
8. Half teaspoon dried dill
9. Half teaspoon paprika

10. Optional:
ground black pepper
water (for thickness)

Blend the ingredients in a blender to finish smooth.

Keep in a sealed jar in refrigerator.Southwestern Ranch Dressing

Use it as the paleo / keto dressing.